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The worst place on earth. The bitchiest girls live there, who are spoiled and think that their Daddy's can get them whatever they want. To all potential campers - please reconsider. I made this mistake for two horrible summers, and it ruined camp for me forever. The perverted and horrid girls who live there for the summer are rude to their counselors and often make them cry or have them fired because they do not bend to these tyrannical personalities. Sunset Circle, a ridiculous tradition happens once a week and is dreaded by all. The lake is freezing and there are so many bugs. Tamary, the oldest girls, simply push people around, and T'09 was the absolute worst Tamary ever. As a Super Senior, the age group below Tamary, I was shocked and hurt by the ridiculous demands they placed upon us. I was already scarred enough by the mistreatment of my things and the cruel things the girls would say and do to each other, but do not make this mistake. Please trust me.
Camp Vega is the worst place, and no girl 'finds themself' as the motto says. People withdraw and try to hide from the uncaring and malicious girls in their bunk, and Tamary, who was out of control in 2009. Nothing but a good time?? How about 'The worst summer of our lives?!'
by GotOutAlive December 13, 2009
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