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shlewdagle (shlêw-då-gle):adj

1. A hobbit like creature that is covered in a fine fur. Its origins are beleived to be in middle east somewhere(possibly Iraq, then again it could be LA).
2. A beastly mammal with a healthy appetite for herbs.
3. The little man that waltzed into our lives, and made us all laugh and cry.
(Note: this animal also goes by the name Poodagle or Shlewmar)
Oh man, check out what shlewdagle did on the side of the house! GROSS!
What's that smell? shlewdagle, we told you to do that outside!
by Gooter February 02, 2005

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Lirpa : lêr-på; person whose epidermis absorbs sun like a sponge, resulting in a potato-like coating. Lirpa is indigenous to the Mid-west region of the United States, but has been known to migrate to the South-West region in order to maximize sun-exposure and search for possible mates. (AKA Ape Tits, A-petite, Shirpa, or Frank)
I think I'm gonna biggie-size my Lirpa!
Lirpa, hop in the oven and I will cover you with sourcream and chives.
by Gooter March 30, 2005

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