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An investment made in finesse. To finesse someone for the benefit of your personal investments. Finessements can include, stealing, taking someone’s man, “hiting a lick”, or simply gaining powerful information without the other party’s knowledge. This can also include gaining powerful information against an opposing figure and using it against them with sly.
Bloomfield Ham 1: ...I just met up with Nia and Madina and they made a major finessement on these girls at the club

Bloomfield Ham 2: What did they do?

Bloomfield Ham 1: They walked in the club and started dancing and all the guys started throwing their money on them then they walked away with all the dancers bosses, and the next day all the dancers got fired.

Bloomfield Ham 2: I wonder what information they had on those girls

Bloomfield Ham 1: me either bro but that was a finessement.
by Good.pieces March 21, 2019
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