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A young person that stands close to a less tech-savvy older person and retrieves information on request from an Iphone.
A friend that will check anything you ask promptly from a mobile device.
Hey Twitter Boy, can you get me the score from the football, send three emails and get Danny on youtube?
by Golden Harbour Bridge February 09, 2011
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A person with nothing constructive to say denigrates your opinions or interests in public on any social media.

A brief look into the the history of the twitter terrorist reveals a catalogue of poor opinion, bad attitude and ignorance.

The favoured accusation "spammer" is the modus operandi of the twitter terrorist to opinions,products or links he disagrees with or is jealous of.
Fred: Did you read my tweet about the Sydney Swans great win.

Joe: Sure did but then that damn Twitter terrorist makes that new tweet about AFL being for girls

Fred and Joe: We wish he'd FO with his opinions
by Golden Harbour Bridge February 23, 2011
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