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A Double Dutch Treat is a spin off of the Double Dutch Rudder (See Double Dutch Rudder for Definition.) You start with two men performing a Double Dutch Rudder. Then a woman kneels in between the two men and performs oral sex back and fourth between the two men, while they maintain the Double Dutch Rudder. You continue until both men ejaculate in the women’s mouth, giving her a Double Dutch Treat (swallowing is recommended.)
My friend and I were very bored, and decided to try a Double Dutch Rudder. His girl friend came home early from work and caught us. She did not say a word; she walked in, took off all her clothes and started blowing us. We both finished and she swallowed every drop. She then remarked that it was a nice treat! So we all agreed to name it the Double Dutch Treat.
by Goatfinger July 11, 2010

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