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A form of heavier electronic music put together on some kind of music software or application on your computer. Many people complain it's unoriginal and bland. So they choose words to describe it such as ''Womp womp'' and ''Transformers having sex.'' Which are, incredibly unoriginal and bland. This style of music also has sub genres branching from it if you don't like Skrillex's style, which the UK and most Americans refer to as Brostep, you could pick between several other categories including Liquid Dubstep, Drumstep, and Drum n Bass.
Overall, it is a rapidly succeeding musical genre, which people tend to dislike because they are against anything modern and want to look as cool as possible liking bands that are usually disheveled, and of the 1980s-90s era.
The people who bash on this genre as a whole use comments like ''Oh they just push buttons, I can make this''
But when asked to make a song fail to even download a studio software properly.
Example 1: ''Hey James, want to listen to this new Dubstep track I found out about?''

''wtf that shit is just him pushin buttons dats not real music''
by GoatCement August 04, 2012

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