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1. Capital of Venezuela
2. The other C-town

Even tho everyone in caracas is hot as hell, crime is everywhere.20 people get killed every day. Our vcr got robbed, our tv, our car, and all our furniture got robbed. Still, the women are hot and the temperature is too, and the city is pretty near to the beaches and shit. The city is very modernized and americanized, but the lazy ass americans still need their own "american schools."

Oh, and has the best mountain in the worl; Mt. Avila. On the way up in the gondola, me and this girl... well, this isn;t that kind of site
1. -wow, vicky is soo hot.
-yea, thats cuz shes from caracas

2. -C-town represunt, mang!
-ur from ohio?
-Fuuck you, mang! Venezuela, mang!
by Glenbard South sucks July 06, 2005
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