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Drinking game in which the empty beer is taped to the bottom of the full beer for every can dranken until it creates a staff. Subnotes: 1) A good way to gage how drunk everyone is 2) When the Wizard Stick is long enough you can play limbo 3) It's real awkward when your Wizard Stick is too long 4) You can cheers girls (or dudes...) from across the room 5) Have you seen Lord of the Rings? Yes....? Me to. Enjoy, this game is fun!...(hello theo, its me theo and i am drunk, sweet!)
Hello Gandolf, nice Wizard Stick.

Hold on, I'm washing my Wizard Stick.

Sorry, I didn't mean to touch you with my huge Wizard Stick.

Who wants to wrap my Wizard Stick with tape?
by Ginsglasserstein February 02, 2008
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