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A Conservative Punk is someone who truly believes in the DIY ethic. A Conservative Punk is a believer in limited government and personal responsibility. A Conservative Punk is someone who stands up for people who can't defend themselves against bullies.
Poseur: Lyke, totally you guys! I'm totally punk!
Conservative Punk: Really now? What are your political preferences?
Poseur: Well, I'm like, totally a socialist because I like, hate Bush and lyke Fat Mike is like totally awesome! Hey! Like, look at my totally cool Che t-shirt!
Conservative Punk: You poseur. What's you're favorite band, you so called "punk".
Conservative Punk: Ahh! It's totally Anti-Flag. I just got their new album out on RCA. What a cool punk label!
Conservative Punk: I'm not surprised. Punk is about personal responsibility and doing the right thing regardless of what others think of you! You are a disgrace to true punks everywhere.
Conservative Punk: OMG! But I thought that it was lyke, for rich white dudes like me!
Conservative Punk: Go suck one of your crappy ass Green Day CD's
Poseur: Oooook! yay!
by Gingivitis T October 10, 2007

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