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The balanced state of a cigarette or doobie, the instant before it falls out of the ashtray.
I predict the cigrilibrium of your Newport is about 14 more seconds. Then it will burn the surface of my new coffee table and I'll have to pop a cap in your ass.
by George N. Dikarnatzis March 04, 2009
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The hand position maintained by the transporter of a single hot beverage from a coffee shop on frigid days, in an attempt to warm both hands simultaneously.
We need to take up a collection to get Eva a pair of mittens. Did you see her doing the Starbucks Prayer this morning on her way in?
by George N. Dikarnatzis October 17, 2009
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The only moment that will satisfy your worn-out patience with some egomaniacal, inconsiderate bastard. IINS. Not tomorrow... Not in 5 minutes... NOW!
Lady, you've asked that poor Starbucks barrista 15 freakin' questions! Do you think you're gonna order something any time tufukkinday???
by George N. Dikarnatzis July 30, 2009
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