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The language used when members of the Democratic Party talk to their constituents. This language is intended to galvanize a populace to vote for a particular Democratic party member as it appears to be a lead-in to more progressive policy. However, this is followed by zero substance, no legitimate policy, deafening silence and inaction which bewilders and misleads the general public. Make no mistake of it, this is totally intentional as the Democratic party does not care about you unless it's correlated to lining their own filthy pockets.
Hillary Clinton's entire presidential platform was a gigantic platitude salad. She had nothing to offer real Americans who were struggling, and lost to a narcissistic idiot loudmouth moron who has never even eaten a salad in their lifetime.
by Genna tayleeah June 19, 2019
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A woman who uses here femininity to get what she wants out of others in a deceitful manner to suit her own needs, while psychotically and hypocritically accusing others of doing the same. She will lie, cheat, and basically do anything to get leverage on others.
Yo that bitch comes around here unloading her vaginal baggage on everyone because she doesn't want to follow the rules and reality is too overwhelming for her. There isn't a tampon in the world that can hold that amount of vaginal baggage. In other words, bitch needs to go.
by Genna tayleeah May 13, 2013
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