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Commonly used as a parting statement when saying good bye. People say it and do not ever stop to think about what it really infers when using it. So it is used incorrectly very often. It is actually a put down to the receiver. It's like saying your behaving odd and or crazy at this particular moment in time. A person in the conversation notes the above and points this out to the receiver by saying it when departing the conversion and or area. The receiver normally never notices it, so to say “right over their head”. See Have Fun.
Person enters room talking up a storm about something that is e relevant to what is going on in the present.

Person notes this when leaving room and says "take care" to this person, perhaps instead of have a good one or have a great one which would be more up beat.
by Generic John February 07, 2008
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The actual act of a person pressing there tongue against the inside of there mouth, causing a bulge on the outside of there cheek for others to see. This is a way of telling another person to fuck off without saying it. The person that is receiving this insult has done or said something that the other person performing the act has found to be, upsetting to them or unable to deal with. There's also a probable chance that the receiver might not even notice or be aware the other persons is performing the action.(right over there head so to say) Those who feel superior to others, hiding a shame or a fear of insecurity, might use this action. Might even be referred to as a childish reaction to a situation that they feel powerless over due to the environment and or circumstances.
by Generic John January 22, 2009
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