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GEMI= General category, Engineer, Male, I.T . An Indian Slang..Owing to latest decisions in Indian Institutes of Management( IIM) to favor girls in admission process this was made. In India you are from reserved category or General category based on your family name and caste system. Indian goverment makes it mandatory for IIM to atleast take 50% reserved category student( irrespective of your entrance scores). Now of remaining 50% girls are given a quota and for bringing in diversity in the batch people from NON-IT and prefarably NON_ Engineers are given preference. Hence being a GEMI( general category Engineer graduate, Male, Working in IT industry) is a curse if you want to go to IIM.
1) Dude i am a GEMI. I wiil never get in IIM.
2) Being GEMI is a curse in this fukd up country.
by Gemi July 16, 2012
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1. The phrase 'poetic leniency' describes a way to take non fictional work and change it to fit the purpose of your writing.

2. Author's way of not getting sued.
1. K: I wouldn't respond like that though.
K: Oh. Okay then!

2. Judge: She is sueing you for incorrect facts.
Author: Poetic Leniency...
Judge: Case dissmissed!
by Gemi April 16, 2006
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