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Lgbtqia, but a little more inclusive. Coined by a trans minor in the early 2010s, it was meant to be over all more usable for those with lesser known identities. It’s been slandered and called harmless but really, it’s for those who are uncomfortable with other acronyms or are usually disregarded from lgbtqia spaces (aro/ace spec people, non-binary people, etc). Transphobes spread rumors about it, but they are false and scare tactics.
Person: “I’m mogai.”

Other person: “neat”
by Gaydar-ain't-real-for-the-str8 April 15, 2019

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Lesbians who like swords
"Wow Jenna has a lot of swords, and a wife,"

"She's a sword lesbian,"
by Gaydar-ain't-real-for-the-str8 August 04, 2017

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