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A sound of elation, similar to the revving of an engine in a dirtbike/quad. Often used after achieving a good grade or making a badass play in a sport. Sometimes also used when referring to any type of vehicle with a powerful, winding engine. See also go burls.


Originally exclusive to dirtbike/ATV riders, the phrase "BRAAAAPP!" is now widespread across the world. Many people believe that the tradition started many years back when Malcom ----- was interviewed after his first motocross win . Excited about his victory, Malcom described his final turn with the sound made by his dirtbike, exclaiming "BRAAAPP!!!!" in a gleeful manner. It has since been picked up by many across the world and is now a powerful adjective in today's society.
Example 1

Ryan - Dude, I just got a B+ on my algebra 2 test!

Chantz - BRAAAAAAAPP!!!!!!!

Example 2

JC - I just SACKED that bitch quarterback! BRAAAAAAPP!!!!

Example 3

Max - Yup, that's a CR250 Honda right there, you should hear the engine. BRAAAP!!
by Gata88 December 01, 2006

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