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The funniest, craziest, party game on the market. (Oh No You Didn't card game) This game gives your team 20 seconds to guess four words. 5 points for each correct word. Get them all right in 20 seconds and you keep the points. Miss one, and the whole room of opponents start wagging their fingers and shouting, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T." But, in order 2 take your points they must first pull a "Challenge" card and follow the rules on the card. (Miss a turn, Add 5, 10, 15 points to your score, Take 5 points from each team, etc.) They then have to pull a "Word" card and have 20 seconds and MUST guess all four words correctly. If they miss all four, every one is laughing, finger wagging and shouting Oh No You Didn't to them. If they get them all in the 20 secs, they get 20 points and take the other teams points. (15, 10, or 5 points) First team to 300 points wins the game. Crazy laughter, and accommodates up to 40 players easily. The ultimate party game. www.ohnoyoudidntgame.com
We had a great time playing OH NO YOU DIDN'T at our house Friday night.
by Game Creator September 19, 2018

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