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A social disorder under the autism spectrum. People with aspergers tend to have generally high iq's but may have trouble expressing their thoughts. They tend to excell at a few subjects and stink at others. Even those subjects that they are good at, they often can still fail at it. One with aspergers may be able to express an answer, but not how they came to it. Some can tend to get wrapped up in online video games do to the fact that they are often noted as social outcasts. One with aspergers often will have their symptoms disappear as they get older, yet may experience the same troubles. People with aspergers often may view the fine details as more important that the big picture, and pay incredibly close attension to them. They also tend to be incredibly single minded, yet not be able to acknowledge it.
It's a shame he failed this year. He got all hundreds on the tests and quizzes, but didn't turn in a single page of homework. I guess it's just his aspergers.

Aspy: doesn't the thesis make more sense if it started two sentences before, and gradually mentioned the subject over the whole article.

Teacher: Please do the assignment as instructed. It doesn't matter as much as getting it done and getting a good grade.
Aspy: but it does matter. The turn of the thesis effects the outcome of the whole article. Besides, aren't we supposed to learn, and isn't the best way to learn to change methods and try new thing?
Teacher: I know you think it matters, but if you just trust me, it really doesn't. If you want to do it on your own time, that's ok.
Aspy: *gives while speech over again*
by Gamablaze August 16, 2012

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