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A car you buy when you can't afford a Viper/NSX/Ferrari. Built out of plywood, plastic and still has leaf springs. A car that is mass produced and has bottom of the line interior on all models. Perfect car for dumbass rednecks to rave about because it has alot of horse powers. Totally devoid of all exotica/ rarity/ interest/ head turning. Often referred to as the greatest car in the world, loved by people who know nothing at all about Ferraris and Lamborghini's, and think they are just performance cars. Corvette owners think its a good thing that their Chevy is extremely cheap.

Corvette will also get its doors blown off by a lightly tunned STI, EVO 9, Supra or Skyline GTR, in straight lines and in corners.
Redneck: "What is that a Acura NSX? My Corvette can smoke that JAP rice burner in the 1/4, buy american or go home, U.S.A, U.S.A!"

Intelligent car enthusiast: "I choose the NSX because is is all aluminum chassis that is extremely rigid, and handling was tuned by Arton Senna the famous F1 driver. The interior, quality, and reliability are excellent and I also love the exotic appeal and rarity. Car are so much more than numbers"

Redneck (confused): "Nah man, my uncles got a badass beat 88 commaro that will blow that things doors off, which makes it a better car because im a fucking idiot"

Intelligent person: *walks away*
by GTR4244 August 29, 2010
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