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originally a phrase coined by Mötley Crüe in their song "Dr. Feelgood" Dr feelgood is a person who sells/deals drugs(coke, week etc.) on a street corner.
druggie 1: whered you get that coke?
druggie 2: i found Dr. Feelgood on the corner of A street and B road
by GTCR June 15, 2008

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where a few or alot of friends gather and play FPS's and other shooters for extended 24 hour+ periods of time. normally done by gamers when they have more than 24 hours available to them.
man1: dude im having a fragover at my place saturday, can you make it
man2: of course! whats the game?
man1: whatever we get our hands on
by GTCR March 04, 2008

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NO Fucking Dip

used in IM conversations to express something being blatantly obvious.
person 1: dude that chick in your class, shes hot at hell
person 2: N.F.D moron
by GTCR April 29, 2008

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