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Code term for bible-thumping, self-loathing, closeted homosexuals who troll public restrooms for sex. Republican senators and congressmen appear to have an inordinate fondness for this expression.
I'm going to the truck stop to practice my family values.
by GMT November 21, 2007

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A female hailing from Fulton, MD that tends to know way too much about disney princesses, and have a tendency to sneak water bottles of cheap vodka to Reservoir and River Hill High Schools in their rip-off Walmart purses (not tips12)
Most of them are nice girls but some of them tend to be cuckoo flyys. However some of them are stuck up beehotches with nothing but money on their minds and boys in their... well nevermind. (Also not Tips 12)
You can look for fultonites in the back of the turkey farm, the back of any truck on lime kiln road, or passed out face down in the Dunkin Donuts or High's parking lots... or Khatta's house.
by GMT January 04, 2006

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