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Parklife is the act of not having a job or any means of gaining money except that of the dole.

I get up when I want except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awakened by the dustmen PARKLIFE
by GLITTERLOVE April 18, 2006
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666 The number of the devil according to Revelations 13. Made known to many people after the film "The Omen" was released. Also in hebrew every number had a subsequent letter and 6 = w therefore some people believe that the internet is the Devils tool.

Some &&GOOOFFFIIIKKK__SLIYMYFUCKINGWRISTS__X kids write it EVERYWHERE to appear cool when really thay appear stupid and amazingly silly as they probably go to church with their mum every Sunday
Friend: Hey, see that kid with the 666 on its backback, jumper, trousers and forehead?

Me: Yea man.

Friend: Did he just get eaten by a doberman?

Me: Yea man. Lets go get munch.
by GLITTERLOVE October 27, 2005
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