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The Heights, in Bethesda MD, is probably one of the most pathetic schools in all of MD. These kids are too stupid to get in anywhere better (STA, Landon, Prep) and arent good enough to play sports anywhere. Heights guys are known for their extreme sadness and inability to do anything right. Whoever wrote about Heights lax below, I laugh. The Heights lacrosse program, like every other thing at that school is a laughing stock. If ur not good at sports, or school, and very ugly, you should go to the Heights.
The HeightsHeights kid- god dammit i have to go to this awful school, i didnt even get into bullis
Heights kid 2- whatever man heights lax is sweet, did u see gunnar gingery score 2 goals against Sidwell Friends?
Heights kid- yeah but we lost that game 15-2
by GGinger June 04, 2006

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