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Restraunt industry jargon for an item that has been removed, temporarily from the menu and is no longer available to be sold or served. Usually for the reason that the supply of said item has run out.
The deal with the preschool fell through, so the filet of child sandwhich is 86'd.
by GFW August 01, 2006

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United States Pizzly-Bear Cavalry Corps. Elite military unit of shock troops, characterized by axe-wielding infantry mounted on hybridized polar-grizzly ("Pizzly") bears. Rumored to be commanded by Chick Norris. In a similar fashion to Delta Force, the Pentagon refuses to officially confirm the unit's existence.
Wise Spectator: "We wouldn't have a problem with insurgents or finding Bin Laden if we'd make more use of the U.S.P.C.C."


"Dude, ask yourself what a pizzly bear cavalryman would do in this situation."
by GFW February 23, 2009

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