4 definitions by GD03UHK

The combination of the words god and hell used to blaspheme
Person: Brexit is happening in march.
Person 2: Godinell
by GD03UHK March 1, 2019
A place where Redditch district explorers flock to on camps. A 5x5x5ft space (or a fire escape) where we fit 20 people in at once with two speakers. You will lose your voice and ur mind
Person 1: vibe closet?
Person 2: it's either that or the fire escape
Person 3-20 collectively: yes.
by GD03UHK February 10, 2020
The biggest bunch of madlads and madlasses that I have ever had the pleasure of being around, #upthevibecloset
Person 1: I go to redditch District explorers!
Person 2: you madlad
by GD03UHK February 10, 2020
Another term for standing on a UK plug
Tom:Gees, I had a three pronged assault during the night.
Sam: oh godinell
by GD03UHK February 9, 2020