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One of the many gleaming diamonds incrusted into the crown that is Wales. If you do not like this superb band, you must have a very weak taste in music.
Male Stereophonics Fan: Man, i swear to god Stereophonics get better ever second!

by G.I Jone May 03, 2009

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My Chemical Romance could quite possibly be the most biggest steaming pile of human excrement to ever be fired from the ever powerful cannon that is the US Music Market. To say that MCR are not even slightly emo would be so laughably innacurate it would make Kim Jong Il roll over with guffaws, but never has it been so in your face.

If you ever disagree with Gerard Way's "Were not emo" sense of music, prepared to be bashed by his MCR followers who will through EVERYTHING at you to make you change your mind.

Kids, do yourself a favour, dont buy this 'not emo' crap, by some decent music.
Fan: my chemical romance are not emo are they?

Gerard: No totally not, i just have an obsession with death.

Other Guy: Isnt that the slightest bit emo?
by G.I Jone May 01, 2009

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