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Notorious B.I.G.'s Ten Crack Commandments in plain English

1) Don't let anyone know how much money you have. It'll make people jealous and want to steal it from you.

2) Don't let anyone know what you're doing next. People will use this knowledge to rob you and hurt you.

3) Don't trust anyone. Even your mother would betray you for the money that'll be in it.

4) Don't take your own crack.

5) Don't sell crack around the area you live in, not even if it's the biggest crack order known to man - it's not worth it.

6) Don't give credit. A crackhead will NEVER pay you back.

7) Keep your family and business completely separate.

8) Don't carry crack on you. You will almost definitely get robbed if you don't follow this commandment.

9) Stay away from the police at all times. If people think you're a snitch then they won't listen to your excuses and it will not only destroy your business but people will probably try to kill you.

10) If you don't have people to sell your crack to in the first place, don't buy any to sell on. Your suppliers won't care whether you sell it or not, they'll take their money from you.
See Ten Crack Commandments - Notorious B.I.G.
by G Mama March 22, 2011
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The state of being highly inebriated; sloppy drunk
Emma, did you get home okay? I saw you outside of Sigma Chi and you looked kind of schlostypants.
by g mama March 11, 2012
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