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A noun that can also be used as an adjective, to pull a terra, means to play hooky to complete an assignment that you procrastinated about and couldn't finish. It also has an alternate meaning that means to take on so much work and assignments that the human brain explodes, splattering the cranial cavity with third degree burns.
A terra is a being which is known to take on as many difficult objectives as possible, therefore providing an unequalled paradox, as that amount of work is physically impossible to complete by any human being.
Not only that but this workload will not be beneficial in any way, but will succeed in parasitically killing the terra in the process.
Terras are also known to uncommonly obsess about random things such as cocaine, Smallville, Michael Peca's glasses and Johnny Depp.
The terra also loves eagles.
"Hey dude! Pull a terra!"
"Dude Wicked!"
"Holy Crap! His brain just exploded form the unhuman amount of work he attemped!"
"That girl in my class is such a terra.. I mean, total type A!"
by Fuzzyalumniac September 13, 2006
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