1 definition by FuzzyWuzzyBear

1. The word used in an lover's spat to end a "who loves who more" arguement.

2.The epitome of affectionate terms to express total love, admiration and affection for somebody.


Using the letter Z is equivilant to the amplifier scene in the movie Spinal Tap - "It goes to 11" < no explaination needed

The use of Z also trumps the use of any double letter annotations normally used to expand the use of alpha characters in a list (i.e. AA, BB.....etc.)
Him: I love you baby.....
Her: no no no i wove you more, i wove you so much its spelled w/ a W!
Him: oh no sweetheart I "zove" you!
Her: oh baby *as she shivers*...take me now my crazy lover!
by FuzzyWuzzyBear February 28, 2011
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