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75% (Ex)Creed, 25% Myles Kennedy, 100% awesome.

Very underrated and talented band. Great singer, great guitarist, great drums and bass. Go to a live show, you WILL NOT regret it!
Too bad Scott Stapp had to climb out of his hole and organize a damn Creed reunion tour- just when Alter Bridge was taking off. No worries though- once Creed (aka the Scott Stapp show) fails, A.B will pick up where they left!
Long live Alter Bridge! \m/
Joe: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Jack: Dunno? What?

Joe: Alter Bridge happens, that's what!
by FunSlinger February 19, 2010

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One of THE greatest singers in rock n'roll history. Can hold his own, right up there with Mr. Robert Plant and Mr. Chris Cornell. Is almost like a veteran in the rock music industry, in that, he has been part of several varied projects before finally finding a place of rest, in Alter Bridge. Has a 3 octave range and is also a very talented guitarist and song-writer. Truly a gifted and underrated musician.

Has recently been chosen by The Dude himself (Slash) to be the lead singer for his up-coming tour.
Sam: You know what the words "Myles Kennedy" is synonymous with?

Dean: No...

Sam: "Myles Kennedy" is synonymous with the word "awesome".
by FunSlinger February 19, 2010

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