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Something that your principal confiscates so you won't be tempted to text message somebody during your science class.
Mary: *Text messages Staci*
Teacher: no cell phones in class!!
Mary: *texts some more* But, I got some important plans to do over the weekend.
Teacher: *confiscates it*
by Fuhreal November 27, 2007
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An awesome class in high school where you have to sit through boring plays and movies, but in the meantime, it is like the best class ever since you get to eat popcorn in class as an activity or grind with your girlfriend since it's an "acting exercise". You also have to make a play and that could be an OBSESSION. It is also a time to show off your awaiting filmmaking skills. Teachers can range from your stuffy old High School Musical grandm type to a hot sexy ditzy blonde 25 year old that lets you do basically anything. Like choir, a good break and gives something to look foreward, along with lunch, PE, band, shop, etc. during the day. Elective course... most fun in junior and senior year.
Yeah I can finally fire up my FL Studio and Windows Movie Movie for a school assignment for once, and it's called DRAMA!!! W000T!!!
by Fuhreal November 26, 2007
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It is when you are wearing a belt and you have the front part of the belt unbuckled into the holes, making it look like a mans dick. Lots of little children have it like this because they are so motherfucking dumb when they are trying to dress their ass.
Yeah look at my chucky. It looks like a mans dick, broh!!
by Fuhreal November 26, 2007
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