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Being so fucking indecisive as to create a online social media website event and not even respond to whether you are going or not yourself.

You may also reply "maybe" to other people's events and then have a 99.3% chance of turning up. In the 0.7% chance you do not turn up you will apologise and then probably create another event in sympathy for missing the previous one, again, you will put "maybe attending".
Bro: "He man, I've just created this awesome party event. You gonna come?"

Bro2: "Yer"

Bro3: "YER!!!one!!!"

Bro4: "Let's get so drunk we aren't legally able to drive!"

Bro5: "Soz can't, my mum's funeral x"

Bro2: "Faggot"

Bro6: *doesn't respond, but turns up, and has seen and viewed the event multiple times*

Bro2,Bro3,Bro4,Bro5: "Bro6, Pulling A Sharpie"
by Fuckface69 April 01, 2012

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fucking lieing
i can tell that she is flying
by fuckface69 July 04, 2010

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