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(Pronounced Ef-uh-kuh)

1. (verb) To have sexual relations with someone.
2. (noun) The best cuss word ever, I tottaly agree with Dane Cook.
3. (noun) an insult directed at the other person.
4. (noun) confusion.
5. (adjective) an adjective in a sentence to make the sentence stronger
6. (noun) what you say when your angry.
7. (noun) what you say when you dont care.
8. (noun) extreme dissaproval.
1. Look at that chick, I wanna fuck her
2. "Fuck is the best word ever, because its just got the ffff and the uuhh and the KUH! FUCKAH!" - Dane Cook
3. You stupid fuck, you are one stupid fucker
4. What the fuck?
5. You are fucking dumb
7. I dont give a fuck about you.
8. Fuck you!, Fuck this
by Fuck is the best word ever August 01, 2009

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