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A game in which one proclaims "I am lemon!" and then strikes the lemon (or any other citrus fruit) against one's forehead until the fruit breaks and citric acid goes into your eye. Warning: Do not play this game with anything other than citrus fruits as severe concussion or charges of assault may proceed.
Dani: I just totes played 'I am Lemon'. It took 22 hits for the citric acid to enter my eye.

Brendan: You're a dumb ass. It's all about 'I am coconut'.
by Fruitthrower May 25, 2013
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(noun) An orange that has been on the floor.
Dave: What's with all of these floranges?

Kyle: Danny knocked over the fruit bowl.

Dave: Let's make this one a worange by throwing it at the wall!

Kyle: I'd rather not. I don't want citric acid in my eye again.
by Fruitthrower March 10, 2012
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