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To skull fuck a dead chicken.
"Roy, last time you did a reverse christmas, your wang got all skuffed."

"Shit, me and the boys are bout to do a reverse christmas on that fucker."

"There are many things you should never do, and a 'Reverse Christmas' is one of those things."
by Friar Gloam November 25, 2009

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Bellyshit (n.) – digested food which weighs heavy in the abdomen prior to expulsion, sometimes amassing after a large, fried meal.
"I feel like I’m holdin’ in about at least a gallon of bellyshit."

"You're either pregnant, or you're holding a lot of bellyshit. "

"Turkey? I'll pass. I really don't feel like having a bunch of bellyshit this week."

"That chick had a full tank of bellyshit when I was fucking her."
by Friar Gloam December 07, 2009

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The act of doing something akin to Skull Fucking. It is somewhat of a mystery as to what 'To Deen' actually represents. Typically, people known to 'Deen Fuck' are obsessively drawn to human skulls and simultaneously revolted by animal skulls.
T.J. man... you best put those human skulls up. Liable to 'Deen Fuck' them.
by Friar Gloam February 29, 2008

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