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A word that, long ago, was used to define a genre of music which was 'emotive'.
Now taken to be little girl scene kids who like to compete to be the most depressed and twisted. They have fucked up, ridiculous hair, wear a shitload of black eye make up and wear pants that are too tight.
'Emo' kids have stolen styles of clothes/footwear that used to be penned as normal. Converse, vaguely skinny jeans, eyeliner and thick rimmed glasses are now classed as 'emo'
Emo 1: Omg, I'm so emo. Last night, my mom made me tidy my room so I cut myself till it didn't hurt anymore.

Emo 2: But I izz more emo, I have jewelery shaped like razor blades.

Emo 3: Omgz, self harm is so cool, it's cool to be emotionally fucked up.
by FrerardRules June 23, 2009
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