2 definitions by Freija

A beautiful female,Dutch and German for fairy,tiny and small weight so daddy can hold her in his arms. She's sweet,feels much love for her boyfriend,the most Fee's love cats. They do not get older to an old lady and will stay always around age 22. Every girl will be a Fee as people are jealous. A Fee doesn't lie and always tell the truth to her daddy and need to be cared as she can do stupid things on the internet as she's that naive as a child
"Oh Fee you are so beautiful,I want to hug you"
"Fee you are most of the prettiest girl on earth"
by Freija June 28, 2021
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Worn out slut
Her relationship ended again, she had sex with so many males,she's a worn out slut.
by Freija April 15, 2021
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