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Someone who has reached sexual maturity. (according to Wikipedia)

The age the law thinks that is varies from 13-18 all over the world. Are you sexually mature as soon as you are able to reproduce? Or do you have to have stopped growing? What about a 40 year old virgin? Are you an adult once you have kids? Are you an adult once you take responsibility?

Many 18-60 year old "adults" act like children, and many 15 year olds are mature also. There are 30 year olds that can pass for 18 year olds and 18 year olds that look 30. There are 30 year olds that mentally still 15, and 15 year olds that are wiser than 30 year olds.

There are typically three states of growth though... child > teenager or adolescent > adult Identifying where the second stage becomes the third stage varies massively from human to human. I think there is an argument to say that some humans don't become adults until much later in life
Andrew: I'm sick of bullies
Ian: qq cry moar (brb grabbing popcorn XD)
Andrew: ian act your age you're an adult
by FreeSpeechWarrior March 5, 2017
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An adult or teenager who is simply sexually attracted to a child. see child

Not to be confused with molestor rapist or sexual assault which are separate but can be linked to the above if the pedophile acts on their desires. Sometimes also referred to as nonce

Unlike ephebophilia it is classed as a mental disorder
John: did you see the papers today? some teacher in a primary school was rubbing himself whilst looking up the girls skirts
Dave: wtf? omg what a sick pedo!
John: yeah I hate pedophilia
by FreeSpeechWarrior March 5, 2017
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