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Two Words Used For Anything at anytime.
When you cannot think of anything to say just say *You Ma*
Jim: Yoour Gay
Gary: So is your ma but im not complaining

Jim: What You Doing This Weekend
Gary: Your Ma

Jim: What Is The Anwser To Question 12?
Gary: Your Ma

Gary: *Laughs*
Jim: What's so funny
Gary: Your Ma
by Fredric December 20, 2007
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When a person is unable to stop playing World of Warcraft.
Chris: Matt has been sitting on his PC for 3 days straight

Harold: His parents bought him World of Warcraft. He's come down with The WoW Disease
by Fredric January 03, 2008
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Fallen Arms is a USEast.Battle.net clan lead by Denial that is infested with faggots. Well don't get me wrong not everyone in the clan is a faggot. For example Rey, Burnout, Fire, rawG, Denial(if he gives rey +RO flags)(etc.) aren't faggots but the rest are.

~ Rey is Swedish.
Fallen Arms takes place in Op W@R.
Tequila got exiled by Burnout.
Squeak got exiled by Burnout.
Denial exiled everyone.
Rey kills everyone IRL.
Rey is active on IRC.
Denial is active on IRC.
by Fredric February 18, 2006
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