4 definitions by Frat boy Chad

A human being that is bad a spelling and basic problem solving
Chad: Is that the handicapped special needs student?
Jared: No that is George Espina.
by Frat boy Chad March 18, 2017
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A frat boy that acts like an ass
Also hyped up on monster
Maddie you are a frat boy Chad when you dress like that

What do you mean

You act like a frat boy and an ass at the same time you go crazy an act stupid over anything Also you drink monster
by Frat boy Chad July 21, 2021
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A group of guys that call themselves the band only one of them has played an instrument though

They act like a bunch of frat boys at the age of 40
They do 40 year old things to like playing golf
Hey what did the 40 yr old frat do

They got black out drunk while golfing and then grilled out steaks forgot everything the next day

Oh OK I guess this is their normal Saturday thing

by Frat boy Chad July 21, 2021
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National fix your relationship day
When you’re having bad problems in your relationship so you fix them and you go back to dating
Girl: Hey
Boyfriend:What’s up
Girl:It’s December 4
Boyfriend:What does that mean
Girl:That we can fix our relationship
Boyfriend:oh ok
by Frat boy Chad December 03, 2020
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