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News that isn't fake, just shit.

It often tries to portray certain individuals in a very biased light without the use of candid and upright journalism.

Shit News has been in use since at least the 5th Centrury BC, probably caused the French Revolution, but has been in use exponentially since the US elections in which Donald Trump was elected, and Britain voted to leave the EU (both through normal democratic process).

Some of the worst protaganists being Fox News, CNBC, Sky News, The Guardian, ABC (Australia), and News.com.au. The list is far greater than these, and comes from all sides of the political debate. Each side is unwittingly pointing fingers whilst 3 are pointing back at them.
ABC News (Australia): Trump says he invented the word "fake".
My response on reading the quotation in their article: He didn't explicitly say that though did he? Granted he's a bit of a pillock, but seriously - get your shit together and report properly if you want to have any credibility! FFS. This is just Shit News!
by FoulBard October 9, 2017
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