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Tim Buckley is the creator of CAD, short for Ctrl-Alt-Del, a video-game based webcomic that can be found at the URL cad-comic.com. At first, Tim's comic was small, with a friendly community which he frequently interacted with. However, as his community got bigger, he alienated many fans and community members with an arrogant attitude and a seeming lack of care for his fans. This has culminated several times in confrontations, most recently whereupon Tim deleted the RoM subsection of his own forum when accused of sending sexually explicit images to a minor several years past. While his comic continues to enjoy success, those who have interacted with Tim on a personal level have generally negative tales to tell.
Ethan, Lucas, and Lilah are all characters from Tim Buckley's "Ctrl-Alt-Del" comic.
by Former CAD Poster September 29, 2005
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