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Contrary to popular belief, it is not an elite wrestling group nor are they the biblical bringers of the appocolypse. It is a sexual act where you stick four fingers in the anus. The fingers are stuck out as if you were holding up the number four, unlike the arthritic ridden fingers of the wrestling group.
Watch out, babe. The four horsemen are coming! WOOOO!
by Fook Fung January 20, 2011

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A sexual act when somebody moves their hands into position as if they were the WWE superstar, The Undertaker, kneeling down to Paul Bear and stuffs four fingers in the ass and the thumb in the women's vagina.
Like the Shocker but with more fingers. "Ahh, shiiet. He just did the undertaker and his four fingers smell like shit."
by Fook Fung August 25, 2010

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