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To be high in the RPM range and rev your engine making your car lift in acceleration then drop when you let off. when repeated continually at a rapid pace it appears the car is hopping like a bunny. Females can relate this to riding a dick which makes them easier especially in a SVTF. Created by two white boys in the 'Couve, Washington. It is their move and get some every night in the back seat of the Focus together...but not with eachother duh.
Bree: Bunny hop Tyler Bunny hop I'm so pathetic it turns me on when your car does stuff cuz im 19 and dont have my license yet.
Tyler: Ok but you gotta share with my *looks around* nigga Phillipe'.
Bree: Well ok but I'll need half a beer and to let my parents know that I'll be home by 9:30 on spring break.
Tyler: Wow you're gay.
Treyvon: lets do it in the pulsar!!!!
Brii: NO...
Treyvon: But it kinda runs now I just completely rebuilt a $600 car that i WON in an auction at my skills center. Even though it was completely rebuilt the year before by 1st year auto students.

Bree: Yeah I may be retarded but even I know when to say no to moldy cars.
Treyvon: I thought being black made it easier to get white girls.
Phil: Not when you're a fag that will only work at KFC for the rest of your life.
Tyler: Wow what if someone put this on Urban Dictionary that would be pretty long.
Phil: Yeah you think anybody would still be reading all the way down here.
Tyler: Only if theyre Treyvonn and have nothing else to do on a Saturday night but read retarded Urban Dictionary words that already have 2 pages of definitions.
by Focus Man 48 March 27, 2010
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