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Erin, is a girl who loves to laugh... a lot even if others find it annoying and she does care what people think of her but she always realises it’s just best to be herself. Erin is often there for her friends even when they are never/not there for her. She is caring and kind and adorably cute she is friends with a lot of guys and has a few girl friends. Erin goes from one extreme to the other for example she trusts people to easily or she doesn’t trust anyone at all, she can love you or she can hate you and if she doesn’t like you from the get go it’s unlikley she’ll ever like you, and if she’s sad she’ll cry a river but will always try to build a bridge to get over it and if she’s mad she’ll say al the stuff she doesn’t mean and destroys everything in sight but in the end Erin’s are great and they always come round to the right side in the end!!
“Who is she”
“Oh Erin yea she’s amazingly supportive but I wouldn’t get on her bad side bro”
by Flower🌹 March 18, 2018

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Eyes are not only “the key to the soul” as alot of people say. The eyes tell all mainly what I like is you can see the laughter and happiness in the eyes you can see all emotions they are the only part of your body that truly show your emotions and you can never hide them in your eyes.
“I love that girls laugh you can tell it’s genuine from her eyes”
“You can tell she’s pretty scared because of the fear in her eyes”
by Flower🌹 March 18, 2018

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