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Asian Fail.
A: I failed.
B: Asian failed, white failed, or mexican failed?
A: I got a B.
B: Asian fail.
by FlipPrincess May 06, 2009

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During a competition, esp. a speech/debate tournament, when a judge is clearly going to vote in favor of you but doesn't for some bizzarre, unfathomable reason. Usually causes you to lose when you do not deserve it. Judge-fucking is completely unfair and destroys a majority of competitions.
A: Dude, Two Judges gave me first place in that round. But the third judge gave me last place!
B: Damn, that sucks. Did you make it to semi-finals?
A: No!! I got so freaking Judge-fucked!

A: Why are they getting rid of the tournament?
B: They don't like that we win so much so they're getting rid of it.
A: Wow... That's Judge-Fucked to the EXTREME!

A: How was the tournament?
B: It wasn't fair!! Our best competitors got judge-fucked!
A: Dammit!
by FlipPrincess May 16, 2009

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