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A comic book written by Warren Ellis and pencilled by Darick Robertson. It focuses on the misadeventures of outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem. He comes out of retirement in order to finish a book deal he signed several years earlier. Unable to write in seclusion while at his home in the mountains, Spider returns to the largest city in America in order to write and scrounge up some money. Unfortunately, his journalist techniques upset pretty much everybody, and he angers the newly elected President - known as The Smiler. The comic was critically acclaimed and also acted as a dark satire of current events. It also coined some great phrases such as "I don't give two tugs of a dead dog's cock."
My parents gave me money to spend on textbooks, but instead I went out and bough a bunch of issues of Transmetropolitan.
by Flatuloso April 17, 2004
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Toasted rice cereal. A Kellogg's brand, it features three moderately terrifying elves on the front of it's blue box.

Though their hats clearly label them as Snap, Crackle, and Pop, it is widely believed to be lie. For one things, these 'elves' have acted as the mascots for the cereal for several decades, leading one to speculate as to how they seem never to age. Do they consume the souls of the leaving, or possibly have access to the infamous Kellog's Immortality Serum? We may never know.

As a cereal, Rice Krispies is rather mediocre. The density of the puffed rice can vary greatly. It seems that the larger the box, the less dense the rice - resulting in a less substantial and less enjoyable meal-time experience. The taste is also fairly bland - people often add sugar to spice things up a bit.
Die Hard wouldn't have been nearly as good if Bruce Willis only had to walk in bare feet over Rice Krispies.
by Flatuloso April 17, 2004
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