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Most of the people in this school are clout chasers. No one here knows what hard work is. There are many egotistic people in this school. The teachers are mean. They give too much homework and expect too much of you. People have mental breakdown's in the school bathroom. And don't even get me started on the cafeteria, the lunch monitors will get mad at you if you don't sit down! Like, what the fuck?
Kid: Can I have a taki
Me: No sorry, these are my anti-depressant pills for Daniel Wright Junior High School.
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by FiveLearner3672 May 15, 2020

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the act of your partner/mate buying diablo sauce from taco bell and placing it on your fingers then making 10 circles on the rim of your bunghole while doing a satanic ritual
Guy 1: Karen gave me "The Ring of Fire" last night!
Guy 2: Did it burn?
Guy 1: Hell the fuck nah, psyche it burnt pretty bad.
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by FiveLearner3672 November 16, 2020

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Dumbass lmao
Kid: who is aleks

Other kid: a dumbass lmao
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by FiveLearner3672 November 05, 2019

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