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The elite sport of Vagina Javelin that recently became the 500th event of the Olympic Games is simple, yet requires hours of hard sweaty practice. The team consists of two members, one the Fistman, the other the Flyer. The Fistman inserts his or her fist into the Flyers vagina, lifts, then using strength and propulsion, throws the Flyer of his or her arm, in a movement likened to that of regular Javelin. Like regular boring Javelin, the further away the Flyer lands from the Javelin ring, within the 29 degree sector area, the higher the team will place.
Nicole: So Aleks, how do you train to be a Flyer in Vagina Javelin?
Aleks: Well stretching is the biggest part really, i stretch for about 4 to 5 hours a day
Nicole: That must be fun. And Catherine, how did you get into Vagina Javelin?
Catherine: Well I've been Fisting Aleks for a good 2 years before the sport became official, I really helped to get it off the ground (pun intended). I really just love Fisting!
by Fistbabe Glitter Cat Muncher June 15, 2011
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