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Girls in their late-teens to 20's who utilize streaming services such as Twitch in order to flaunt their giant breasts to a large following, mainly consisting of horny men and 12 year old's who have never masturbated before. Usually they would play mainstream video and PC games in order to increase the boner-factor, as many of their followers have never been laid before. Some titty streamers may also place their leg on their chair in order to demonstrate how gorgeous they look.

While some titty-streamers are lovable and enjoyable, most of them are fakes who seek male attention.
Titty-Streamer: "Hey guys, it's (Username) here, love y'all. Please consider donating to me. Today, we'll be playing Counter Strike G.O, let's do this" *Lifts leg onto chair and checks if chest buttons are undone*
by FinklerZ November 8, 2017
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These people are possibly the most annoying kinds of people that one can think of. Doom-mongers are people who go around ANYWHERE, in public, or on the internet, and make predictions of upcoming apocalyptic events, or try to prove a prediction as true for an upcoming disastrous event. This results in mass hysteria and makes many others mental or terrified of what may happen to the world. Some people may not believe in the words of what these clowns say, while others may due to the strong language the use to shock people into believing it.
Doom-monger- *arrives in a public area and starts talking*-
"The time is now.... The time is here.... the world will end as we know it and I will tell you how and why." "Experts say *blah blah blah...*"

Everyone else- *terrified* *start telling everyone else*
by FinklerZ September 23, 2015
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