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An Alaska Christmas Tree, also known as fly tape, is a sticky reel that bloodthirsty insects (that can grow as big as a quarter dollar, mainly in the state previously mentioned,) will zoom into and eventually die.
So i've heard in the local tavern that Jonathan put his Alaska Christmas Tree up early. He's already got at least 30 "ornaments" on it.
by Finbarre June 12, 2021
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A place where you only go if you truly have to. You will know when you are in one once you see foaming hand soap smeared over the mirror and yellowed linoleum floor tiles, see all sorts of nazi references engraved into the stalls, and what looks to be water damage on the dotted Tbar ceiling. The division will smell either like a dead body was flushed down the toilet or will reek of cheap air fresheners that have a hint of laundry detergent. You will feel as if you were being watched as you never know who will peek out from under the stalls.
*stops at convenience store*

Dimitri: What are we stopping for?

Randy: I really have to go.

Dimitri: Dude its a public restroom, you might not come back

Randy: I will go anyway...
by Finbarre June 19, 2021
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